ASC Energy, acting as an agent for its subsidiary company ASC Oil Trading LP, sells to customers in Greece a wide range of crude and refined oil products that are delivered in VAT free storage facilities around the world. The most important products are the following:

Gas Oil
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Gas Oil is a fuel similar to diesel, only with slightly inferior specifications. It is used primarily in industry, agricultural machinery, home heating, stationary equipment, transportation and shipping. In general, gas oils are derived from oils with a higher boiling range than gasoline.

Yields 12% more power than gas
Easily deliverable
Cargo ownership can alternatively be used as a store of value

Customers can purchase through ASC Energy quantities of top quality Gas Oil, with orders starting from 50 metric tonnes and delivery dates ranging from spot to 24 months.

For Gas Oil holders, ASC Energy can arrange for their cargo to be rented out to a third party for a monthly fee, by transferring the use of rights while retaining ownership. Provisions are also made for the owner to be able to recall the rights at any time, in case he/she wishes to sell the cargo on a spot basis.

Crude Oil
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Crude oil is the world’s most actively traded commodity. The main grades of crude oil are Brent (extracted from the North Sea) and WTI (produced in Midwest and Gulf Coast regions in the US). They are both light and sweet, high quality crudes. Brent and WTI are the most important price benchmarks in the oil markets. The vast majority of internationally traded crude oil is priced off these two benchmarks.

Despite being very similar in their quality characteristics, Brent and WTI have historically traded at different prices. The Brent/WTI differential reflects not only differences in quality, but also supply and demand conditions and geopolitical factors that affect the cost of getting the oil to the final user.

Customers can purchase quantities of Brent or WTI crude oil, with minimum orders of 1,000 barrels and delivery dates ranging from spot to 24 months.

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